Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don’t Assume…Ask...It's All About Communication

You know that awkward situation when you’ve communicated with someone and you’re expecting a response that doesn’t come back.  Or, at least you think someone received your communication but they don’t get back to you.

Today alone, I’ve had two experiences with people whom I had communicated with recently who hadn't gotten back to me right away.  I move at a pretty fast pace most of the time so I’ve had to learn to slow down from time-to-time to adjust to circumstances.

My Number 2 Guy Quit and I’m Overwhelmed

In one instance today, I was trying to set up an interview between an outstanding Network Security Architect candidate and one of my favorite clients.  Three times were offered for the candidate to reconnect with my client for a 2nd phone interview this week.  The candidate got back to me and chose a time next week. 

Maybe I’ve Learned Something

In my younger years, I would have immediately assumed that the candidate wasn't serious about the prospective career move he was apparently interested in last week because he passed on this week’s proposed call times.  Instead of assuming, I sent an email and left a voice mail asking the candidate to reconfirm his interest and I asked why this week wouldn't work for a phone interview. 

When we spoke, the reason for pushing the interview off to next week was perfectly clear.
Because I asked, I now know what is happening in the candidate’s life and I was able to give my client assurance that his is still excited about the potential career move. 

It’s all about communication.

Really Sad News

A second situation arose in the same day.  A business acquaintance that hasn’t gotten back to me in a while came up for air today and made my phone ring.  I could tell from his tone of voice that there was stress in his voice that wasn't normally there. 

My business acquaintance had a death in his family not long ago and he is still trying to process what happened. It was a totally unexpected drowning of one of his kids.  I wasn't upset with this person but I did wonder why he hadn't been in touch for a while.

Next week we'll be having lunch.  Not to discuss business but to have a Cheeseburger that he owes me.  We'll talk about business some other day.  Next week, we'll talk about whatever he wants to talk about.

It’s all about communication...knowing when to speak and knowing when to ask and listen.'s Security Recruiter Blog