Friday, August 16, 2013

Is LinkedIn the New On-Line Resume for a Professional?

First 850,000 LinkedIn Profiles

I’ve been on LinkedIn since 2004 and I’m told by LinkedIn people that my account was among the first 850,000 accounts established on LinkedIn.  When I was first introduced to the network by a recruiter acquaintance in Dallas, TX, I wasn't sure if the concept would have relevance or not.

Back in 2004, my new LinkedIn account received some attention but not a significant amount of attention for the first few months and then I conducted research and my account developed meaning based on the research I had conducted.

Year End Project 2004

Between Christmas and New Year’s 2004, I made LinkedIn my project.  I clicked everything there was to click to see what would happen.  I took notes and later formed my own ideas about what could happen if LinkedIn were to take off. 

Nearly 30,000 Direct Connections

This research paid off because most of my predictions paid off.  Today, my network is just shy of 30,000 direct connections.  My remaining connections have been reserved for security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals. 

LinkedIn as a Resume?

Let’s get on to the idea that LinkedIn might be the new on-line resume for professionals.  LinkedIn has been and continues to be the world’s largest and fastest growing on-line business network.  As a Security Recruiter, I use LinkedIn all day every day for a variety of purposes where security recruiting sits at the top of the list.

I look at other people’s LinkedIn profiles every day of my life.  From time-to-time, I land on a LinkedIn profile that impresses me enough to cause me to call on the profile’s owner. 

Skeleton Profiles

More often than not, LinkedIn profiles look like a skeleton of professional information.  Sure, I can read between the lines to assume what might be there but it would be a lot more helpful to a recruiter if the LinkedIn profiles we looked at told a story of accomplishments, contributions and value. 

Wait, I’m describing a LinkedIn profile the way I frequently describe a resume.  Maybe there is value in this idea that LinkedIn could be the new on-line resume for a professional.

What do you think?


By the way, I’m working on what could be the biggest new venture of my career.  Would you be surprised that the person I’m working with got to know me through LinkedIn and he’s been a 1st level connection of mine for several years?

One of my job coaching services is that of helping my clients to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts readers.  Who might care about this service?  Someone who is in an active job search or someone who is gainfully employed who might one day want to turn on an active job search.  The perspective that I teach from is that of a recruiter who has searched LinkedIn for talent since 2004. 

I can tell my client exactly what helps a recruiter or hiring manager to find them on LinkedIn rather than sharing theoretical discussions about what might catch someone’s attention.'s Security Recruiter Blog