Friday, August 02, 2013

LinkedIn, a Great Communication Platform…except when…

Recruiting through the global LinkedIn network is something I do every day as a security recruiter.  I hesitate to suggest that I’ve seen it all because what I stumbled across today represents a first time experience.

Next to the person’s name at the top of their LinkedIn profile, it reads like this:

Xxxxx xxxxx, Sr. Disaster Recovery Manager - SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES
Under this person’s contact settings, it reads like this:
 Contact Settings
XXX XXXX, CBCP is not currently open to receiving InMails.
I’m not a detail person by nature but this is a pretty important detail to pay attention to if you’re in an active job search.  

May I suggest that if you’re open to hearing from people who might have the next step for your career sitting on their desk, you might want to make it possible for someone to easily reach you through LinkedIn?  Perhaps you could share a phone number, an email address or at the very least, be open to receiving an InMail.

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