Monday, August 19, 2013

My Best Advice for Entrepreneurs: Learn to Speak | LinkedIn

My Best Advice for Entrepreneurs: Learn to Speak | LinkedIn:

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This is a great, brief and to the point article focused on the value of communication.  

I'll add another suggestion to the article.  This advice is not just for entrepreneurs, it is for any employee in any corporation who wants to excel.  

I've placed people who possess all kinds of skill sets over the years.  When it comes down to what causes some to win and some to not win, it is communication skills.

Have you ever thought about all the different ways your communication impacts your professional position?
Your resume communicates and it is your first impression.  What kind of first impression are you making?  Have you ever asked someone else to tell you what kind of first impression your resume is making?

The emails you send leave a first impression.  Have you ever asked the recipients of your emails to tell you about the impression your emails give?

The way you leave a voice mail leaves a first impression.  Have you ever asked the person you've left a voice mail for what kind of impression your voice mail gave them?
Leaders communicate exceptionally well.  If you consider yourself to be a leader, have you ever asked those you lead to critique your ability to communicate?

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