Thursday, August 01, 2013

Security Resume Writing Success Again! An Interview Door Opens!

I completed a resume for a client 2 weeks ago.  This resume was written with my client’s Director, Cyber Security opening in mind.  

The candidate came to me admitting that resume writing wasn't his expertise.  However, application security, secure software development, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment work, people management, project management and leadership was his expertise.  

We met in the middle with my resume writing methodology and his accomplishments, contributions and successes.  Once the resume was complete, I called my CISO client and walked him through the candidate’s background.  

My CISO client's arm had to be twisted just a little because the candidate’s title doesn’t match the Director job he wants but his skills and accomplishments do.  

The result of this effort is a telephone interview that will very likely lead to a face-to-face interview in coming weeks. 

Resumes that clearly demonstrate what the resume owner is great at in a matter of seconds will open interview doors.

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