Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Started My Day Interacting with a Smart Guy...Network, Network, Network and Don't Stop Networking is What He Said to Me!

Nothing is better for me than for my first call of the day to be shared with a highly intelligent person.  I sincerely mean this.  Connecting with someone who challenges me and who mentally stimulates me seems to launch my day in a highly productive manner.

Allow me to share some of this person’s intelligent ideas with you.

I cold call recruited this person.  He is a Director in his current organization and based on the solid amount of information he included in his LinkedIn profile, I made my cold call with the assumption that this person has built a very solid and productive career and with the assumption that he might be happy with his current role.

My call was an effort to introduce an opportunity that sits on my desk for someone to build a Disaster Recovery program from the ground up in a Fortune 300 company.  As it turns out, this person whom I’d never before met has some very interesting ideas that have guided his career up to this point.  Here are a few of his career guiding thoughts that I happen to agree with and I thought you might appreciate.

"You never know if you’ve found your dream job or not.  I thought my last job 8 years ago was my dream job until I accomplished everything that was set out for me to accomplish and then my current job came into view.  My current job is closer to my dream job than the last one was.  Although I’m happy in my current job, I returned your call because you just might be sitting on my next dream job."
"When you work for somebody else, you always have to know that your future is out of your control.  You could be doing an outstanding job for somebody else and the carpet can get pulled right out from under you.  You always have to keep your eyes open."
"I always network.  I think everyone should always be networking.  Either network within the field that you’re already in or network within a group that represents where you want your career to go next."

So why did this gainfully employed and otherwise happy Director return my recruiting call? 

In his mind, he thinks he is in his dream job and he loves what he does. However, until he could fully grasp an understanding of the project I’m working on, he couldn't rule out the possibility that I might be sitting on the next step in his career.  Perhaps another dream job he didn't know was going to land on his desk today.

Networking isn't an activity you should only pursue when you're in the middle of an active job search.  The timing of your search may or may not align with the surfacing of your next career opportunity.

Network, Network, Network and don't stop Networking!
  • Keep your resume up-to-date
  • Always add on to your LinkedIn network
  • Go to ISSA, ISACA, ASIS meetings and get to know people
  • If a highly skilled recruiter calls you, consider returning the call to build a relationship.  You never know when you might want to put that relationship in forward motion.
  • Invest a few minutes here and there to let your peers know about opportunities that might benefit their career development.  You just might be the recipient of someone else's willingness to pass opportunity on to you down the road.'s Security Recruiter Blog