Thursday, August 01, 2013

What Kind of First Impression Does Your Resume Make?


More than 30 years of Business and Information Security experience…

This was the first sentence of a resume that came to me recently.  On one hand, there are distinct advantages for a candidate who offers 30 or more years of experience in a subject area.

On the other hand, if a 25 year HR person is reviewing this person’s resume, there is a chance that they’ll stop reading the moment they do the math and recognize that this resume owner could be their parent. 

If the HR person likes their parents, the resume owner is in good shape but if they don't like their parents, the resume review might have just ended abruptly!

While you never want to be deceptive or embellish on a resume, there are times when simply rewording a statement can make all the difference.  

As an alternative to the 30 year comment, how about something like this as the opening statement on a security resume?

Seasoned information security and business leader offering expertise in …… 

Little things can make all the difference.

One more thought.

Several years ago I had a Manager of Physical Security role to fill with a client in Equatorial Guinea West Africa.  Though there was a 35 year old candidate, I delivered a 60 year old candidate who was ultimately hired.  The 60 year old candidate had worked in multiple locations across Africa during his professional life.  There is no way that a 35 year old could possibly have the wisdom and the life experience the 60 year old had working in different African cultures.  Sometimes experience can make all the difference.'s Security Recruiter Blog