Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Would Your References Say About You?

Despite the fact that I’m a security recruiter and I regularly check references, what you may not know is that I’m frequently asked for my personal references.

I’m happy to give references any time a prospective client wants to check my references.  What prompted me to share these thoughts today was the following statement I found on a career coach website.

“Let me teach you how to get your references to say what you want them to say so you get the job”

I cringed when I read that statement.  The last thing in the world I’d want my references to do is to tell a prospective client that I’m somebody I’m not in order for me to get that client’s business.

As a security career coach, I work with my coaching clients to help them find clarity and purpose in the work they’re doing.  When I can lead one of my coaching clients to a point of clarity around how they were hard-wired and how that hard-wiring translates into a career path, my mission has been accomplished.

One of the values of having clarity around what your personal mission should be is that you then know with great certainty whether a career move you’re considering making is a great career move or one you should pass by.  Make sure your references know what a good fit is for you so they don't give out the wrong information.

Would you really want your references to be trained so say what the perspective employer you’re considering wants to hear so that you can capture a job that wasn't meant from you?

If any company wants to check my references, I’ve asked my references to tell the person asking for a reference on Jeff Snyder to tell them what they need to know, not what they might want to hear.

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