Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A $70B Company CISO Shares His Resume Success

Within the past two weeks, through the services of Security Job Coach, I delivered a new resume to the CISO of a global financial company.

The Challenge

For this CISO, I had to prove the value of my resume service.  This was done by placing a resume built around my resume writing methodology next to the CISO’s (at the time) current resume.

5 Seconds

Our deal was that if the was able to retain more information from my resume format in 5 seconds (the amount of time the CISO told me he devotes to scanning a resume) than I was able to retain from his resume format that he would become my next security resume writing client.

3rd Party Feedback

I delivered this CISO’s resume approximately 1.5 weeks ago.  The other day I called to ask the CISO a question and he let me know that he had sent his resume to 5 executive recruiters in New York City whom he had known for many years .  While one of the executive recruiters hadn’t gotten back to him yet, he had feedback from the other 4 recruiters with regards to his new resume.

The CISO sent his old resume and his new resume to each recruiter and asked for feedback.  Overwhelmingly, 4 of 4 executive recruiters the CISO shared his resume with were drawn to his new resume.

Clean, Clear, Logical

It wasn't because the new CISO resume writing was done in a slick and fancy manner.  It was just the opposite.  The new resume is clean, clear and logical.  This is the way every resume needs to read when someone who doesn’t know you is discovering your background for the first time.'s Security Recruiter Blog