Thursday, September 12, 2013

A CISO Speaks About Hiring and Security Resumes

Your Resume Gets 15 Seconds to Make an Impression

This conversation is one I had to share.  When I speak with my security resume writing clients, I emphasize the point that a resume needs to speak to its audience in 15 seconds.   I’ll stick with my 15 second rule in general but today, I stand corrected.  Sometimes the review time might be less than 15 seconds.

This CISO has 5 Seconds to Give Your Resume Attention

This Fortune 500 CISO told me that he doesn’t give resumes 15 seconds of his attention.  He doesn’t have that much attention to spare.  He suspects that it is more like 5 seconds of his attention that he can spare.

The Resume Review Challenge 
I challenged this CISO’s words in a friendly way because the purpose of our call was to discuss my ability to help him to sharpen his resume to the point where it would communicate his accomplishments, contributions and value in a way that senior executives would be drawn in to actually read the resume.

Now the fun began for me in this conversation.  The CISO who just told me that he gives your resume 5 seconds of his time shared his resume with me so I put his resume to the 5 second test.  To spice up the challenge, I had the CISO give my sample CISO resume 5 seconds of his time.

The Analysis

When we were both finished reviewing each other’s resumes, I told him what I could remember after reviewing his resume for 5 seconds.  He told me what he remembered after reading my sample resume for 5 seconds. 


The CISO is my newest CISO Security Resume Writing client.

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