Friday, September 20, 2013

A Security Job Coach Client Over 50 Years Old Shares About His Job Search

Bob Shares About Job Search Age Discrimination

One of my Security Job Coach clients called yesterday to share his great news.  We’ll call this person Bob to give him a name.  After several months of being unemployed by way of Bob’s company consolidating and sending his job and many other jobs overseas, he now has a job offer in hand and he found the job right under his nose in his home town!

Bob shared that during his search, he experienced a “huge amount of age discrimination”.  He went on to tell me:
“I’m in my 50s and I’m seeing discrimination everywhere”
Bob told me that his new security resume generated many phone screens but when push came to shove, he felt like his age really got in the way.

A Silicon Valley Company Discriminated

Several years ago, I had a search with an up-and-coming Silicon Valley company.  I delivered a candidate who fit the job like a glove.  My point of contact praised me when she received the resume and a phone screen was immediately set up.  The candidate nailed the phone screen and was invited in for a face-to-face interview the following week.

Following the candidate’s interview, the same point of contact who previously praised me for delivering to the bulls eye of their search, let me know that:

“The candidate was right on the money and he interviewed well but he’s a little too senior for our environment.  Most of our employees are in their 30s so he doesn’t really fit in well here.”
Does that statement require interpretation?

There’s not much more I can add to this blog other than to share my point of view with regards to this age situation.

A 60 Year Old Won the Job

Several years ago, I was asked to fill a very complex Manager,Physical Security / Maritime Port Security Officer position for a global oil and gas company in Equatorial Guinea West Africa shortly after the country’s President had been assassinated. 

The candidate I presented at the time was 60 years old.  His competition I was told was a 35 year old candidate.  In this situation the 60 year old candidate who had worked in several different African countries throughout his career was clearly the most qualified candidate. presents qualified candidates 100% of the time.  We will not discriminate for any reason whatsoever.  If a candidate can do the job and they align with the expectations that a hiring decision maker has shared with us, we’ll present the most qualified candidate.'s Security Recruiter Blog