Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Tip for Preparing to Make Your Next Career Move

It’s great to have aspirations.  When I ask security professionals where they envision their careers leading down the road, I get all kinds of answers.  Frequently, the answer I hear is that of a path that leads to CISO or CSO.

Are Your Aspirations on Target?

Aspiring to be a CISO or CSO is a noble idea if that’s what you’re wired to become.  On the other hand, if you somehow get to the CISO or CSO level and you're not equipped to be there, you might have achieved your worst nightmare.  When I work with my career coaching clients, the first thing we do is to work through a very powerful assessment process to discover what my client’s hard wiring looks like. 

We're All Hard Wired Uniquely

Hard wiring is those set of traits that you were created with.  You didn't do anything to create this hard wiring.  You were born with this hard wiring and throughout your life, you likely leaned towards these natural traits and turned some or all of them into strengths.

Through my career coaching process, I help my clients to discover exactly how they are hard wired and more importantly, how their natural strengths align with career options.  Some of my clients are wired with the right traits and strengths to lead to a CISO or CSO role one day provided that they also achieve the right levels of education and certification and provided that the right experience is accumulated along the way.

Some of my other clients discover through my coaching process that they aren't wired to be a leader.  For some, the discovery that they should aspire to be the best security architect in the building is a relief.  For some technology skilled professionals, nobody has ever told them that it is okay to not want to be in charge. It is perfectly acceptable to work towards being the best technology resource a company has.

Career Coaching

I’d love to work with you to help you fine-tune your career direction and better yet, to develop a security career road map that will help you to make the right decisions when you’re looking for your next career move.  I use proven tools combined with nearly 24 years of executive search experience and my hard wired strengths to help my clients to reach of point of clarity around their career that they've seldom reached before we work together.

Here's That Career Move Preparation Tip I Promised

One thing you can do at no expense other than investing your time is to search job boards for job titles that you think will be part of your future.  Make notes as to what each job that catches your attention requires you as a candidate to bring to the table. 

Do your own Gap Analysis.  Determine what skills, traits, certifications, degrees and experiences employers ask for at the next steps in your career and make a list of what you already possess and what you’re lacking. 

There’s an answer to what you need to do to get to the next step in your career.

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