Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Career Coaching, Is Your Career Direction Crystal Clear?

Last week, my first scheduled call one morning was with a prospective career coaching client. 

Meet Pat

We’ll call this person Pat.  Pat has been with her current company for over 7 years.  Pat’s relationship with her first employer also lasted for 7 years.  Pat’s resume shows outstanding career progression combined with a Master’s degree.

On paper, it appears that all is well in Pat’s world.  However, Pat shared her professional challenge with me on this call.  Pat is doing well in her current job.  She is well respected within the company.  She is an overachiever.  What’s missing? 

Pat’s current company doesn’t fully understand, appreciate or acknowledge some of the contributions Pat makes to the organization.  Pat admitted to me that she likes visibility and acknowledgement for a job well-done. This is normal for top performers.

Pat's Career Crossroad 

Pat is at a crossroad in her career.  She can stay on the path she is on and find a job that moves her from a Manager title to a Director title in the same skill vertical.  That’s what most people would do.  Pat is different though.  She has a gut feeling that there might be a path out there that is a better fit than the path she is on.

Rather than rolling the dice and simply taking another job that she can do well in, Pat came to me through a referral because her colleague knew that I had a coaching process that includes a very powerful assessment that helps me to help my coaching clients discover exactly how they are hard-wired internally.

In other words, the next step for Pat’s career might be a Director role doing what she does today.  On the other hand, she has a gut feeling that there might be something even better out there than a bigger job in the same skill discipline.  Rather than taking a new job that might work out, Pat came to me to get help in determining exactly what she should do next.


I have the combination of experience and tools to combine to help Pat to see precisely what kind of role she should step into next.  Rather than taking the risk of taking on the wrong job and only being partially satisfied, Pat wants to do everything in her power to take on the right job to increase her odds of personal job satisfaction. 

Benefits of Clarity

If Pat is professionally happy, odds are very high that she’ll produce outstanding output.  That’s just the kind of person she is. If she produces outstanding output, odds are very high that she’ll be rewarded more handsomely than she is today. 

No job is perfect.  No self-employment entrepreneurial risk is perfect.  What we can do is to determine how you’re wired.  We can determine exactly what you were built to do.  Once you know this, writing your resume to target the right job becomes easier.  Imagine if you were 100% confident in your strengths when you go to your next interview.  You’ll be able to interview the employer to determine if the job they have to offer aligns to your career road map.

Career Road Map

The career road map by the way comes together once we know exactly how Pat is wired.  We can blend how she is wired with her past accomplishments in order to package her for the marketplace to consume as a highly focused job candidate.

Just writing about what I already know is going to happen in Pat’s life makes me excited!

Can vs. Should

If you’re not entirely sure about where you’re going, I can help you to determine the difference between what you “can” do and what you “should” do.  Stop settling for “can” and set your sights on aligning your professional time investment with a job, project or business you “should” dive into because you’re wired to do so.

Here is what my coaching client had to say about our discussion:

“I'm actually very excited about tying this information in with my Doctoral coursework and potential thesis research as well. Having clarity around who I am and where I excel will help me select the right topics and projects that will reinforce rather than undermine my direction. I owe it to myself to continue to put my best foot forward and this is a logical step along that path.”'s Security Recruiter Blog