Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Take a Look at my LinkedIn Profile and Tell Me What You Think

I’m not asking you to look at my LinkedIn profile.  The title of this blog represents a message I receive frequently from security skilled professionals who reach out me directly on LinkedIn or who drop an email in my Inbox.

The people who send these types of messages frequently think they might be a fit for a search I’m working on and they think I’ll be convinced that they’re a fit when I look at their LinkedIn profile.  Believe me, I want this to be the case.

Have you ever thought of asking someone else to review your LinkedIn profile so you get an objective 3rd party opinion of the message your profile sends?  Give it a try.

The idea that I could simply look at someone’s LinkedIn profile and quickly understand who they are, what they do, how they’re educated and credentialed and what they’re great at delivering is a great idea but not one that works out very often in reality.

Whether you think LinkedIn operates like an on-line resume for a business professional or not, it does.  Years ago, I consolidated 18 years of resume writing assistance I’d given to both IT and Security professionals into not just a Security ResumeWriting service but a Resume Writing Methodology that has proven for 5 years to open doors around the world.

I mention this because the employment world used to function with resumes alone.  It still does most of the time but did you know that some hiring decision makers will compare the resume you send them against your LinkedIn profile? They're looking for both consistency and sometimes inconsistency.  It depends on whether the hiring manager is a glass half full or a glass half empty person.

I don’t have to make this stuff up.  Employers are using all kinds of on-line resources to measure you as a job candidate.  It is critically important that your resume clearly communicates your value.  Don’t forget about the impression you’re making with that LinkedIn profile you created years ago and haven’t done anything with lately because you think nobody cares or nobody is watching. 

You'd be surprised by who is watching or who is paying attention.

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