Friday, September 13, 2013

Talent Acquisition Strategy…What’s that?

A Talent Acquisition Strategy is something great leaders put in place to make their companies more attractive to job candidates than companies down the street.  Yes, the quest to acquire the industry's top information security, IT risk management, compliance and privacy talent is a a competition and not everybody gets a trophy. There are winners and losers.

Is your company magnetically attracting talent or is it pushing talent away? 

I see both kinds of companies every day.

Putting a strategy in place around the action of attracting and acquiring talent can cost very little to nothing.  Acquiring people is a much different activity than acquiring computer monitors.  If you had the exposure I’ve had to people in procurement departments, you would know where that comment comes from.

Companies and leaders in companies that invest time to build a process around the activity of acquiring talent will more often than not acquire the talent they set out to acquire. Companies that fail to plan out a strategy in this area of talent acquisition will fail to acquire the talent they desire to acquire.

Given the most recent recession where it was an employer's market and jobs were hard to come by, I often wonder just how short some people’s attention spans are.  Surely, some of the hiring authorities I encounter have lost a job and/or have at least known someone who has struggled with employment at some point since 2008 when the first bank collapsed. 

I ponder this question because of the slow drawn-out hiring practices I see every day.  I often think that some of the people who make these processes slow are the same people who sat on the outside looking in when they didn't have a job at some point in the past 5 years.  Maybe I'm wrong.

We're not in a recession when it comes to a company's need to acquire security, risk, compliance or privacy talent.

Cyber Security Talent Acquisition

When it comes to acquiring cyber security talent, I guarantee you that if you’re in the market to hire, you’re looking for talent that companies in your local market and companies across the country are also ready to hire.

Maybe you don't have the budget to pay a security search fee.  That's okay, I'd be happy to work with your company to help you establish a talent acquisition strategy that will generate better results than you're likely generating today.

What is your company doing to stand out to top-shelf, gainfully employed, top of the Bell Curve security job candidates? 

If the answer is "nothing", then you won't get a trophy.'s Security Recruiter Blog