Friday, October 11, 2013

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Tells About His Career Coaching Experience

A CISO's Career Coaching Experience

"I recently faced a career dilemma. My position as a CISO level was eliminated during a merger.  In my search for a new role, I was offered a very generous package , but at a lower career level.
I approached Jeff Snyder to help me work through a tough decision. Using Jeff's coaching assistance,  we looked at my core values and strengths, instead of focusing on specific title and job positions.
Jeff challenged me to look at where I found the greatest satisfaction.  With his invaluable assistance,  aligning my thoughts with my core values and strengths, I refocused on positions where I could drive success through aligning and complimenting my values and strengths.
I was pleased to understand my misgivings were ego conflicts, not strength or core driven issues and how the job and learning opportunities of the offered role were closely aligned to my job satisfaction, regardless of the title attached.
Jeff's coaching clarified my viewpoint and allowed me to objectively make what seemed an insurmountable decision. Without his help, I doubt I would have found the needed closure.
I can highly recommend Jeff to give a clarity of vision that removes the specific profession obstacles and focuses on strengths and values that transcend any specific career choice."
Is your career in need of clear direction?  I'm passionate about helping my career coaching clients to achieve this kind of clarity you just read about.

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