Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Director of Information Security Reports on His New Resume’s Success!

This testimonial comes from a Director of Information Security in the insurance and financial services industry who turned to me for security resume writing assistance.  There is nothing better for me to share than when I get to share stories of my job coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching client's success.

"As a highly experienced, Information Security leader, I felt confident in my ability to write a resume that would articulate my skills and value to potential organizations.
My carefully crafted polished resume, the result of 15 years of refinement, tuning and expert reviews was my lure for attracting that next great career step. I found that my resume work resulted in not attracting top-end job opportunities but in attracting low- level opportunities or offers for employment outside my training or career path.
 In many cases, I received numerous polite decline notes, even though I knew I was easily qualified. Once I asked Jeff Snyder at SecurityJobCoach.com for assistance, he tuned and re-crafted a value proposition resume that resulted in instant responses at exactly the job target level I had dreamed of.
 In a single case, I submitted my new resume to a very senior security leadership role and had a phone call from the recruiter 7 minutes later.   Clearly a massive improvement and extraordinary results."
So why did this highly accomplished Information Security Director need help with his resume? For the same reason that I take my car to a transmission shop when the transmission needs work. I'm pretty handy with tools and I can work on a transmission but I'd be very inefficient in my work on a transmission.  Therefore, I would take the car to someone who works on transmissions all day every day.

I have sat between hiring decision makers and job seekers for 24 years.  I've studied the gap that keeps job seekers from getting on the playing field to interview for the jobs they desire.  I then built a resume writing methodology that is entirely focused on the audience, those individuals who will put their eyeballs on your resume.

My job coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching clients are recording professional wins all around the globe.  How may I help you to advance your career?

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