Thursday, October 10, 2013

Job Interviews…Love Them or Hate Them? I Can Teach You To Love Them!

Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of job candidates prior to their interview opportunities with my clients.  For the first 4.5 years of my career, I worked for a general IT search firm.  In that firm, I learned a lot about preparing people for interviews by first listening to the other 10+ recruiters in the office prepare their candidates and then I developed my own approach.

No Tricks or Slick Advice Here

If you’re waiting for my slickest tricks or advice for winning the job, I don’t have any to share.  
Over the past 24 years of working with people, a few things have become crystal clear to me. 

If a new job doesn't line up with the strategic plan you've built to manage your career, you shouldn't want the job.   The only way to find this type of job fit alignment is to know yourself inside and out in order to measure a career move against your knowledge of your own strengths and abilities.  There is nothing slick or fancy about finding job fit alignment.

It’s more about honesty and transparency.  If a position doesn't fit, run away.  If you've done your personal due diligence and you know exactly where you’re headed in your career, the right career move will make itself known to you.  

Because you’re clear about what you were built to do, you’ll interview with a level of confidence you’ve never had before.  Employers will cross their fingers, arms and legs hoping for a chance to get you on their team.  You'll be in the driver's seat.

That is if you've actually done the up-front work required to reach the point of clarity that I’m making reference to.  Leading my career coaching clients to this point of clarity is one of my passions.

May I help you to create a career road map?  Once we create the career road map, we'll be in a the best possible position to apply my security resume writing methodology to your resume so you can open doors to desired interviews. Then, when you enter the door for the interview, you can learn to love the interview process because you'll be the best prepared candidate who walks through the lucky company's door.'s Security Recruiter Blog