Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Career Moves...Where Do You Go Next?

Sometimes in life we take wrong turns.  That's what happened to this former law enforcement professional (we'll call him Bob) who stepped into his first corporate security job with blinders on.  We’re about to remove the blinders. 

A Career Law Enforcement Professional is Not Properly Aligned With His New Corporate Security Job

One of my recent calls was with a former law enforcement professional who has taken on his first role in corporate security.  Bob's first corporate security job hasn’t been anything like what he thought it would be when through the "buddy system", he accepted the job.

By "buddy system", I'm referring to the means by which Bob stepped into his corporate security job.  He told me that he wasn't really interviewed.  He also didn't really get a chance to interview his future employer.  It was more of an acceptance process that Bob went through because he fit nicely into the club of former law enforcement colleagues.  

Bob needs help with his resume writing approach but before we tackle the resume, it became clear to me that Bob needs to become crystal clear about what he can do versus what he should be doing in the corporate setting.

It doesn’t matter what I think, Bob came to the conclusion during our conversation that the health of both his career and the health of his marriage and his family as a unit depends on him getting properly aligned with employment that taps into his strengths and his personal value system.

I couldn't agree more.  

Career Coaching will help Bob find clarity in his career direction and we’ll clarify Bob’s values so he is sure to measure his personal values against the next potential employer in a way he did not do the last time around.

Job Coaching will help Bob to communicate his internal clarity in the form of a clearly written resume and LinkedIn profile that future audiences can easily understand.  His verbal interview skills will be outstanding as well because he'll speak with confidence and clarity that he's never had before.  

I'll have the opportunity to help Bob to advance his professional goals.  That’s precisely what I was built to do!

Call me if I can be helpful to you.  

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