Thursday, November 07, 2013

Considering an Entrepreneurial Venture? Not Sure What To Do?

I write a lot about security recruiting, security job coaching, security career coaching and security leadership coaching because those topics cover some of my many passions.
Today I’d like to share an experience that I’m currently engaged in with one of my coaching clients.  This particular client is a Sales Director.  He is in a company that has gone from $10M to $40M in revenue in just over a year as a result of multiple acquisitions. Exciting isn’t it?  Well, the answer is both yes and no.

A Visionary CEO
According to my coaching client, the CEO of his company has tremendous vision but he is lacking when it comes to the strengths that are required to put vision into action.  He doesn’t seem to know how to make the rubber hit the road.

Multiple Sales VPs
Through acquisition, my coaching client’s company now has several VP of Sales titles.  Each Vice President came from a different acquisition.  It seems that nobody who is in a leadership role in this growing company actually has leadership strengths.  This is not good.

Stay or Go
My coaching client is trying to determine whether he should stay or go.  I have no reason here to entice my client to leave his company.  Quite frankly, part of me hopes he stays so I get a chance to bring my coaching processes to the organization in an effort to get the right people in the right jobs.  Until this happens, this company in my client’s opinion is going nowhere. 

Losing Key Talent
In fact, not only are they going nowhere, they’re losing key talent because highly talented people are getting frustrated enough to quit.

Become an Entrepreneur?
Let’s get back to my coaching client.  He is trying to determine whether he should stay and try to participate in making things better or whether this is the right time in his life to step out of corporate employment to start his own business.

As much as I’d like to help to realign people in his current role, I’m even more excited about the possibility that my client would start his own business.  I’m passionate about entrepreneurial activities.  More than being passionate, through my coaching methodology, I’m in a position to help would-be entrepreneurs determine whether they should step out and start their own business or whether they should be content to be entrepreneurial within someone else’s company.

Much on The Line
For my coaching client, making the right decision not only impacts his personal career, the decision to become an entrepreneur for the first time will impact his career, family, friends and more. 

If my coaching client possesses the strengths required to be an entrepreneur combined with his life experience, I’ll be his number one fan.  I’ll even get to help him build his team correctly from the ground up.  On the other hand, if my coaching client should continue to be someone else’s employee, I’ll be helping him to save tens of thousands of dollars and I’ll help him avoid stress that his family and friends don’t need to experience.

Do you have an entrepreneurial itch you’re thinking about scratching?  I can help you to determine whether you should take the plunge or possibly be comfortable for a simple course adjustment where you are today.'s Security Recruiter Blog