Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hey Leader…Something to Consider

Because true leaders possess vision that frequently drives them to take risks, mistakes will be made from time-to-time.

Plan Ahead

A leader who takes risks and occasionally makes mistakes needs to plan ahead for what happens when they eventually make a mistake.  

A leader in good standing with their followers is allowed to occasionally make a mistake provided that they operate with honesty and consistency on a regular basis.

Take Ownership

Leaders who make mistakes and have the courage to take ownership for their mistakes will do just fine.  Leaders who make mistakes and constantly look for someone else to blame for their mistakes will erode trust and at some point will be unfit to lead anyone.

Build a Solid Foundation

In order for followers to give grace to a leader who has made a mistake, there first needs to be a foundation of trust, honesty and high integrity in place between a leader and his/her followers.'s Security Recruiter Blog