Friday, November 08, 2013

Is Your Career Stuck? Discover Clarity, Direction and Confidence Moving Forward

Sometimes in our careers, we get stuck.  That's what happened to this highly skilled Security Architect.  

A Security Architect Doesn't Know What Comes Next For His Career

Recently, a highly skilled Senior Information Security Architect came to me to discuss that fact that his resume wasn't producing the results he desires.  

Our conversation turned from purely a resume writing topic to a deeper topic of clarity.  It turns out that the Architect really isn’t clear about what he is great at delivering in a professional setting.  He doesn’t really know what he wants to do next.

When I asked the Architect to tell me about the managerial experience that shows up on his current resume, his voice inflection changed.  It turns out that the Architect would prefer to not manage people but he tells me that he can do it if he has to. 

Would you like to be managed by someone who isn't gifted with strengths that make them an outstanding manager?  Here is a perfect example of can versus should.

The Architect can manage people but he really should not be managing anyone.  Managing people is not his strength or his passion.

If the Architect can’t tell me what he wants to do next, how will he know when he’s found the right career move?

As is normal when I ask someone to tell me what they’re great at, this highly skilled Architect started telling me about everything he can do.  Approximately 10 minutes later, I stopped the Architect and challenged him to tell me what he is great at doing rather than what he can do. 

He wasn't able to clearly define what he is great at, what he does better than everyone else around him.  This is what my Security Career Coach efforts are all about.

Career Coaching will help the Architect to find clarity in his career direction.

Job Coaching will help the Architect to communicate his internal clarity in the form of clearly a written resume and LinkedIn profile that his future audiences can easily understand.  His verbal interview skills will be outstanding as well because he'll speak with confidence and clarity that he's never had before.  

I'll have the opportunity to help this Security Architect to advance his professional goals.  That’s precisely what I was built to do!

Are you looking forward with clarity or is your career somehow stuck? 

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