Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Join Me On Google+

You’ve probably heard the saying that goes like this:

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I’m not always the early bird but in two cases, I guess I am.

Although I didn't know exactly why I should create accounts on Google+ when the site first opened for business, I did.

Today I was awarded this URL for my business site on Google+:
A week or so ago, I was awarded this URL for my person Google+ account:

I know a few people who would like to have my business URL on Google+.  There are even more people named Jeff Snyder out there who would like to have my person Google+ URL.

Why does this news matter?

When I first built an account on LinkedIn in 2004, I was part of the first 1 Million users worldwide.  Applying some strategy to what I thought LinkedIn might one day be has led to business and relationship opportunities I never could have imagined.

While Google+ isn't as mature as LinkedIn, I’m starting to see both business and relationship opportunities on the Google+ platform as well.

If you’re using Google+, join me at: and's Security Recruiter Blog