Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Low Employee Engagement…Why Engagement Matters

Research shows that in the US, as much as 70% of the workforce is not engaged in daily work. For the 30% of US employees who are engaged, research suggests that engaged workers are as much as 10x more productive than disengaged workers

One of my career coaching clients is a CISO.  He is well-paid, well-respected and mostly productive when he isn't disengaged.    

Mostly Productive…what does that mean?  For the 50% of his job that he loves, the CISO is highly engaged.  

For the 50% of his job that he dislikes, the CISO registers very low employee engagement.  

How do you think the CISO’s low engagement might be impacting his team?

Time For a Course Correction

This CISO came to me because at one time he was highly engaged in his role.  He was a rising star who was getting promoted and he was doing work that aligned with his strengths.  The CISO hasn’t changed.  The world around the CISO has changed.

Because he didn't clearly understand his strengths before we dove into my career coaching process, the CISO didn't recognize on his own that his past success was moving him in the wrong direction.  After 13 years with his current employer something has changed.

The CISO is now spending 50% of his day doing work that is not aligned with his strengths.  When he called asking for my help, the CISO explained to me that his stress level has increased significantly and he no longer loves his work half of the time.

Job Stress Is Real

Anyone who is doing work they weren't designed to do will be stressed at some point.  The longer the do the work they weren't designed to do, the more stressed they’ll become.

Decision Time

For this CISO, it might be time for a professional career move.  On the other hand, it might be time for the CISO to explore opportunities within his company to see if there might be a role that properly aligns with his strengths.  When we’re done with the CISO’s career coaching process, we’ll work together to determine what the best possibilities are for the next step in his career. 


In order to find a role that properly aligns with the CISO’s strengths, we first have to determine what his strengths are in the first place.  That’s where our career coaching journey began. After only one session, the CISO is starting to clearly see which parts of his current role are stressing him.  He is also becoming clear about which parts of his role are in his sweet spot and why they’re in his sweet spot.

The CISO will soon be ready to take decisive actions with his new-found clarity.

We’ll get CISO back to a place where he is again deeply engaged in his life’s work.  That’s my life’s work by the way…helping others to reach their goals.

Career Coaching will help the CISO to find clarity in his career direction.

Job Coaching will help the CISO to communicate his internal clarity in the form of clearly a written resume and LinkedIn profile that future audiences can easily understand.  His verbal interview skills will be outstanding as well because he'll speak with confidence and clarity that he's never had before.  
 Call me if I can be helpful to you.  

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