Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stop Looking Through the Rear View Mirror, Look Forward Instead

So far, I've determined that life is full of adventures, opportunities, choices, decisions, road blocks, setbacks, joys, sorrows, successes, failures and an occasional rainbow like the one I share above from my back yard in Colorado following a significant summer storm.

Sometimes in life, we'll lose employment and lose hope.  That's what happened to this Director of Corporate Security.

A Director of Corporate Security…Laid Off

Last week a Security Job Coach resume writing client (we’ll call him Tim) came to me after losing a Director, Corporate Security job that he had faithfully served in since the mid-2000s.  

This job was lost because Tim’s healthcare company was trying to keep pace with changes around Obama-care.  Who in the world knows how to do that?  Tim now has an opportunity to package the successes he has accumulated over the past decade that he now gets to bring both successes and lessons-learned with his next employer.

I challenged Tim to stop looking through the rear view mirror and to start looking out of the windshield towards what lies ahead.  By helping Tim to find clarity around his future career direction and then helping Tim to create a resume that acts as a sharp, clear and powerful personal marketing and communication tool, I’m confident that this well-spoken business-savvy corporate security professional will soon land on his feet and that his job loss will be a bump in the road.

Career Coaching will help Tim find clarity in his career direction..

Job Coaching will help Tim to communicate his internal clarity in the form of clearly a written resume and LinkedIn profile that his future audiences can easily understand.  His verbal interview skills will be outstanding as well because he'll speak with confidence and clarity that he's never had before.  

I'll have the opportunity to help Tim advance his professional goals.  That’s precisely what I was built to do!

Are you looking forward or are you somehow stuck looking through your rear view mirror? 

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