Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Any suggestions for how to figure out your passion?

“Any suggestions for how to figure out your passion?”

I saw this question posted on one of my Facebook connection’s posts the other day.  Like a heat seeking missile, my eyeballs were drawn to this sincere question because I know the answer!  The post went on to talk about this person's confusion with regards to their future career direction.

Yes!  I know precisely how to help anyone figure out their professional passion.

This is what my career coaching services are all about and there is no fluff built in here.  This is what some of my coaching clients have recently shared about their coaching experiences.

“Thanks for the career coaching today.  This was honestly one of the best 90 minutes I’ve invested in my life”
“Jeff’s coaching clarified my viewpoint and allowed me to objectively make what seemed an insurmountable decision.  Without his help, I doubt I would have found the needed closure”
"Today I completed my first coaching session and had numerous “ah ha” moments.  As we began to discuss my talents I noticed patterns of behavior that I could now easily explain.  I began to better understand how to relate to other people's talents while playing to my strengths.  I was able to identify situations in the past that could have been optimized to achieve better results had I known what I know now."
I’m highly qualified to help others to find their passion.  How?  First, I have formal training and certifications in executive coaching.  Second, I’ve been helping people to advance their careers for nearly 25 years. Third, I'm working with powerful assessment tools that help me to help my clients.  Most importantly, helping others to reach their goals is my personal passion and doing so aligns with my personal strengths.  

When you’re working in the zone, that place where you’re working within your passion and your strengths, work is no longer work.  I had a hard time believing that such an experience existed until my friend Bert helped me to deeply understand my own strengths and then he helped me to get my strengths better aligned with the activities that make up my work days and my non-work days.

Once I understood my strengths, Bert helped me to see why I did what I did, why I reacted to others the way that I do and why I loved some of my work but not all of my work.  He helped me to see how not working within my strengths  / passion was draining me and more.

It’s not a fantasy.  When you can align your professional work with your natural strengths and your passions, really positive and productive things start to happen.

May I help you to find clarity for your career direction so you can work within your passion?

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