Friday, December 27, 2013

Your Interview Is About To Start…Are You Ready?

An Interview Experience From a Security Job Coach Client

Have you ever showed up for an interview only to find that the person who was supposed to interview you at a certain time wasn’t there on time?  You sit, waiting patiently at first but then you start to get anxious or maybe even irritated.

Then the door opens and your interviewer walks in with a look of panic on their face.  They know they’re late and they’ve just left another meeting where they’ve been the focus of someone else’s frustrations and criticism.  Of course, you don’t know where this person is coming from when they walk in late but this is your interviewer and they’ve now arrived in your presence. 

Not only is the interviewer late, you quickly determine that the interviewer you’re now sitting across from hasn’t found time to review your resume.  With their eyeballs facing the table that your resume sits on, you’re now looking at the top of your interviewer’s head and there is complete silence in the room.  A very awkward time given than 30 minutes before, you were excited about the interview opportunity.

If you showed up with a 6-12 page resume, how would you expect an emotionally flustered interviewer to calm down enough to read your resume that is more like a dissertation than a sharp account of your career’s accomplishments, contributions and the value you’ve brought to previous employers?

What you should have arrived with is a 2-3 page resume that is written in a format that enables this flustered and unprepared interviewer to grasp who you are, how you’re educated, how you’re credentialed and what you’re great at in a matter of 5-15 seconds.

This is a real story and the real person who sat across from this flustered and unprepared interviewer was of my Security Resume Writing clients from 2013.  He shared this story with me to tell me that the resume we created that opened the interview door for him in the first place also saved the interview day when his flustered and unprepared interviewer arrived.

As my client’s flustered interviewer began to review his clean, well-organized and logically laid out 2.75 page resume that was written with the audience in mind, my client told me that his interviewer began to visibly relax.  My client’s resume was so simple to understand that the unprepared interviewer used the logically laid-out resume itself as the template for the entire interview.  

Had the interviewee showed up with an 8-12 page resume / dissertation like the ones that frequently drop into my inbox, the result of his interview would have likely been a catastrophe.

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