Thursday, January 23, 2014

A CISO's Career Coaching Results

I received an email recently from one of my coaching clients.  His email makes reference to his intentions to get to the resume project that we’re now focused on.  We previously worked on strengths coaching to determine how this individual should align his talents and strengths with his work moving forward.  The email read like this: 

"My plan was to work on it at lunch the last couple of weeks and interestingly I've had lunch meetings every day.  Funny (not amusing funny, the other kind) how barriers arise like that.
 Seriously, my first day that isn't booked for a lunch meeting or with a coworker this month is this Thursday.  Amazing for a person who couldn't beg, borrow nor steal a lunch invitation for the last three years."
John's Key to Success

I thought about this email for a few hours and couldn't resist picking up the phone. Let’s say my coaching client’s name is John.  I asked John what happened to cause his lunch schedule to change so drastically.  He attributed the busy lunch schedule to behavioral changes he had consciously made, partially as a result of our recent strengths coaching.

Who is John

John is a CISO who had hit a brick wall in terms of his career progression.  He came to me to get help to figure out why his career had stalled because he had a sincere desire to do whatever it might take to get his career engine running on all cylinders again.

Strengths Coaching

Through our strengths coaching approach, John found directional clarity that his career had lost.  Something else has happened with John that I was excited to hear.  By consciously changing his behavior towards his colleagues, not only do his colleagues want John’s company at lunch, he is also now attending a regular meeting with someone on the CIO’s staff.  This person hadn't spoken to John in a positive constructive manner for 3 years.  He now speaks to John again and has invited John to be part of his inner circle because John changed his behavior.

No Magic 

We didn't wave a magic wand over John’s head and we didn't sprinkle pixie dust to change John’s behavior.  We used coaching methodologies that are proven to work.  John played and continues to play a significant part in his personal transformation.  He decided to apply personal energy to the change equation we worked together to build.


It’s exciting to share results.  John is already experiencing positive results as a result of the strengths coaching work we’ve done together.  As we move into emotional intelligence coaching together, I expect to see even more results provided that John continues to do his part to create positive changes in his work and his life.'s Security Recruiter Blog