Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Are You on the Right Career Path?

Why would I ask such a question?  

Because of an experience I had several months ago when I was helping an organization that asked me to speak in Dallas, TX to recruit a highly targeted audience for possible attendance.

Working as a CISO Recruiter in Dallas, TX in the past, I approached this project with a database of approximately 150 people who in the past held titles of Manager, Director, VP or CISO.

My mission on this assignment was to invite Managers, Directors, VPs and/or CISOs in Dallas to this information security leadership event where I was scheduled to speak.  Because some of my Dallas candidate data was several years old, I cross-referenced what was in my database with what currently on LinkedIn.

To my surprise, I found that 50% of the 150 people who were in my database with Manager, Director, VP or CISO titles were no longer on the same career path they were on just a few years back.

Where Did They Go?

The candidates whose profiles are in my database have not ceased to exist.  As I dug deeper to find these people on LinkedIn, I started to become fascinated.  Of the 75 people whose career paths had clearly changed, a few people had left the security profession entirely.  Others had left the managerial or leadership paths they were once on. 

I wondered why?  They moved to tiles like Principal Architect, Lead Architect or Senior Architect.  

I wonder to this day what would have happened if we had reached these 75 people before they figured out that managing others wasn't their strength.  I wondered how much less stress these individuals might have encountered if they’d never turned left when they should have turned right at the fork in the road.

I wondered how much more successful some of these people could be today if they just had someone available to them to help them figure out the right career moves to make.

Making the Right Career Moves

The deeper I dug and the more I uncovered evidence that many people got started on a career path and for whatever reason, they changed direction, the more the Clifton StrengthsFinder and CoreClarity coaching I’m doing with my partner Bert made sense.  We're both certified with multiple career coaching tools and career coaching methodologies by the way.  Coaching isn't something we decided to start doing just yesterday!

If you’re not sure where you’re headed professionally and more importantly, why you’re headed wherever you’re headed, please contact me.  I’ll send you a brief explanation of what our Career Clarity Coaching is all about.

If you’re sure that you’re on the right track but you want to fine-tune your performance in order to get to the next level, I’ll send you a brief explanation of how we can help strong performers to become stronger performers.

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