Thursday, January 02, 2014

What's The Ideal Length For A Technology Resume?

Job Search Candidate Question:  Jeff, how long should my technology resume be?

Answer:  You'll find many different opinions on-line regarding the proper length for a resume.  I've been reviewing technology resumes for 25 years.  I've also been putting candidates' resumes in front of hiring authorities for 25 years.

For my Security Resume Writing Clients, I suggest a resume in the 2-3 page range.  

Even for a CISO or CSO, someone who might have 20-30+ years of experience, there is seldom a need to go beyond 3 pages.

  • Send a 1 page resume and nobody will know what you've accomplished, what you've contributed and what you're great at delivering.
  • Send an 8 page and nobody will have time or the attention span to read your mini-dissertation.
  • Is my 2-3 page resume suggestion a rule? is a suggestion based on the length of my resume writing clients' resumes.  These resumes have been opening doors worldwide.  It's hard to argue with success! 

Anyone in your resume's audience should be able to review your resume in 5-15 seconds. Rarely will anyone who is reviewing your resume for the first time have time to actually read your resume.  Your resume will be visually and electronically scanned before it is read.

We live in a sound byte, Twitter world.  Make your first impression in a matter of seconds.

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