Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An HR Director Gives Suggestions for Career Planning and Development

Professional Development

I asked Tim if his current company invests in its employee’s professional development today the way his employers invested in employees in the past. 

Tim didn’t have to process my question very long before a resounding “NO” came out of his mouth.

I asked Tim what advice he would give to up-and-coming professionals today with regards to professional development.

Tim quickly suggested that up-and-coming professionals as I called them should set aside some of their income to invest in their own professional development.  Not that companies have entirely cut employee development programs but in Tim’s experience as an HR Director, he has seen employee development programs get cut and get cut and get cut again.

“Personal Stock Value”

I shared my concept of “Personal Stock Value” with Tim and asked him what he might suggest for up-and-coming professionals to do to enhance their “Personal Stock Value”. Here’s what Tim shared:
  • Sponsorship…find someone who will sponsor your career advancement and become clear as to what this person needs from you and what they can do for you
  • Invest in certification training that aligns with your long-term goals
  • If you don’t have a career road map, work with an appropriate coach to get one
  • If resume writing is not your gift, find someone who knows how to write door-opening resumes and hire them to help you (in other words…outsource what you’re not great at)
  • Learn about your natural gifting…Invest in your strengths to make them stronger
  • Attend industry association meetings to learn and to network
  • Learn how to speak in public…you can never communicate too effectively

Don't Wait!

Don't wait for someone else to take an interest in developing you.  Invest in your own personal development.  You get to take it with you through your entire career.'s Security Recruiter Blog