Thursday, February 20, 2014

An HR Director Talks About His Most Memorable Winning Interview

In my quest to help interviewers to make good choices and to avoid bad choices when they interview, I turned to a Human Resources Director whom I’ve known for most of the past decade to find out which interview in his 30 years of experience stood out in his mind. 

I asked Mike to share details about the interview that made the interview so successful for the job candidate.  I hope you can learn from Mike’s response:

  • The candidate was very well dressed…suit, shiny shoes…looked very sharp
  • The candidate was extremely friendly…like a neighbor…sincerely greeted the receptionist...asked the receptionist questions about her experience at the company but was careful to not get in her way as she was very busy. He acknowledged the receptionist!
  • The candidate acknowledged everyone he met.  He gave the impression that was interested in everyone he met without going overboard.
  • Everyone the candidate met felt that he was interested in them but he didn’t overdo it.
  • The candidate listened…repeated questions here and there to clarify but he didn’t repeat every question.
  • The candidate asked for permission to elaborate once he knew precisely what the opportunity was to be addressed.
  • The candidate was expedient in getting back to us (the company)
  • The candidate wrote a 1 page thank you letter following his interviews.  In the letter he identified how he could be of benefit to the company rather than focusing on what the company could do for him.
  • The candidate mentioned several times how “you might be interested to know”….how he solved problems and created value for past employers.


The candidate got the job and delivered on every promise he made in the interview process.'s Security Recruiter Blog