Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Are You Doing Work That Energizes You?

Towards the end of my day, a CISO client called to discuss some calibration moves he wanted to make on two security jobs I’m currently helping him to fill.  

One position is a Network Security Architect role located in either Burbank, CA or in Horsham, PA and the second role is an IT Security and Risk Management Analyst opening located in either Sparks, MD or Horsham, PA.

This CISO is someone I’ve known for many years and I’ve successfully filled a strategic role for him in the past.  Our call covered a small amount of tactical information but it was mostly a strategy call. Discussing strategy with a smart person energizes me.

By strategy, I mean that we talked about the strategic differentiators that make my CISO client stand head and shoulders above most of his colleagues.  (I had to drag this information out of my humble CISO client).  It is my opinion that my CISO client stands out from his peers and I wasn’t shy about encouraging my CISO client’s good qualities and his good behavior.  It is my CISO client's character and the way he deals with people that will make top-shelf people want to be part of his team.

I coach my coaching clients to focus on strengthening their strengths.  I wouldn't be practicing what I coach on if I didn't follow my own advice. 

In 2013, I worked for far too long with a CISO who didn't operate with high integrity.  He didn't return phone calls.  He didn't invest in time to calibrate the searches we were working to fill.  He didn't ever connect his words to his actions.  Working with this person sucked the life out of me.  I vowed to not let this happen again.  Imagine working for someone like this.

When I’m working with people who are top-performers and people who operate with high integrity, I’m in my zone and I can operate at peak performance.  At 5 PM today, after speaking with my CISO client for 30 minutes, I was more energized than I was at 9 AM this morning.  I’m ready for a productive day tomorrow.

I only wish that I’d spoken with Dan at 9 AM instead of 5 PM! Are you tolerating a work environment where energy is sucked out of you or are you aligning your skills with work and with people who energize you?

I’ve tolerated situations I should have walked away from and I've done what it takes to get properly aligned with the right work and the right people.  I can tell you that the energy it takes to find alignment with the right work and with the right people who energize me has made a significant difference in my life. 

I wish the same energizing experiences for you!

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