Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are You Using LinkedIn Strategically?

I’m currently recruiting to fill a Network Security Architect role in Burbank, CA area to work for one of the best CISOs I know anywhere in the country.  The person who takes this job will report to quite possibly one of the best mentors they'll ever have in their career.

While doing research on LinkedIn to find appropriately skilled professionals to recruit, we found someone in Burbank who shows a briefcase at the top of his LinkedIn profile.  If you don’t know what the briefcase is, it indicates that this person is actively looking for a job.

However, when I clicked on his profile to get a more complete view, this message shows up:

"John is not currently open to receiving InMail"

If you’re actively seeking a new position and you take the time to place a briefcase by your name on LinkedIn, you might want to provide a phone number or email in your LinkedIn summary so a recruiter knows how to contact you.

At the very least, you might want to set up your LinkedIn communication options so that someone who has the ability to send InMail communication can actually use the LinkedIn system to reach you.

I may or may not have the right career move for this person sitting on my desk but if I can’t reach him to find out, he’ll never know and I’ll never know.'s Security Recruiter Blog