Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are You Working at Peak Performance?

My phone rang.  On the other end was an individual who has been connected to me on LinkedIn for several years.  He thought he needed my security resume writing help.  On one hand, he was right.  His resume does need to be rebuilt but that wasn't what we decided to do.

After a 15 minute conversation, I asked the caller what he was great at delivering professionally.  I asked him what he naturally does better than everyone else around him.  He didn't know how to answer this question. I ask this question every day because I want to work with people who are clear about their giftedness. 

Though he could not clearly answer my question, I sensed that within the caller was a burning desire to figure out exactly what he should be doing professionally.  I could tell that he wanted to be performing at a high level.  Despite being an articulate person, he just couldn't clearly articulate what he is great at and where his career is heading.

He didn't have clarity and he didn't have anything close to a road map to follow to get from where he is to where he wants to go.

Once I determined that the caller was lacking clarity and direction, I asked for permission to explain our philosophy around strengths-based coaching.  It didn't take long for the caller to identify with the information I was sharing. He understood why it made sense to determine where he was headed professionally and why he was headed to a certain destination before embarking on a resume writing project.

This conversation was energizing to me because I know that when the caller completes our career coaching process, he’ll clearly understand where he is headed and he’ll have confidence that he’s headed in the right direction; a direction that will bring him personal job satisfaction.  A direction that taps into his natural strengths, the strengths he needs to tap into in order to deliver top performance to his future employers.

There is nothing I’d rather do than to help someone understand what they were built to do and then to help them fine-tune and calibrate their delivery to reach peak performance.

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