Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is My 13 Page Resume Too Long?


Not long ago, a prospective security resume writing client came to me to discuss a different approach to writing his resume. 

The resume he had been sending out and not getting response to was 13 pages long.  I opened this discussion by telling him about a recent discussion I shared with the CISO of a Wall Street $70 Billion Dollar company.

I shared that this CISO told me he gives a resume 5 seconds of his attention before making a decision as to whether the candidate will receive an interview or whether the candidate will be passed over.

After completing this part of the discussion, I asked the prospective resume writing client if he thought his resume could be reviewed by a human eyeball in 5 seconds...15 seconds…30 seconds...even an entire 60 seconds?

Keep in mind that I wasn't sharing my opinion.  I was reporting on a live conversation I’d recently shared with a Wall Street CISO.  The prospective resume writing client went back to the marketplace to find someone who would make him feel good about his 13 page resume. 

I guess sound wisdom wasn't what he wanted to hear from me.  He would rather not get results than to make the changes required to improve performance.

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