Friday, February 21, 2014

The Emotionally Intelligent “C” Level Executive

The Emotionally Intelligent “C” Level Executive


You might think this topic has nothing to offer an audience of technology professionals.  I challenge you to read this short article and I’ll do the best I can to change your mind because I have evidence to present to you.


One Week Ago


One week ago, I stood in front of a group of technology professionals explaining to them that IQ is responsible for somewhere between 6% and 20% of one career success.


My presentation went further to explain that more than 40% of one’s career success is tied to Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional intelligence has to do with how you see yourself and how your behavior impacts others.


Did the technology professionals I spoke to believe me?  Did they grasp the relevance of my presentation last week?  I honestly do not know.


The Rubber Hits The Road

What I do know is that a global $2B company has just retained me to find their first Chief Information Security Officer. I passionately love to solve this kind of problem.  Sure, the job description I'll share next week carries a request for a technically savvy security professional who understands security frameworks and global compliance regulations but it asks for so much more.


When I engaged in an information intake call with my new client yesterday and again this morning, more than 90% of our conversation focused on the interpersonal traits and behaviors my client needs to see in the CISO candidates they’ll consider.


The Reward

My client is willing to pay a quarter of a million dollars per year to a technically competent CISO who has exceptionally high Emotional Intelligence.


The Traits, Characteristics and Behaviors


The specific traits my client asked me to deliver in the right candidate include:


  • The ability to collaborate with high-level stake holders
  • The ability to determine what risks are to the business
  • The ability to communicate risk to the business in language the business can understand
  • The ability to drive change management through the organization
  • The ability to provide visionary leadership
  • The ability to understand my client’s unique corporate culture
  • The ideal candidate is a thought leader
  • The ideal candidate is a consensus builder
  • The ideal candidate is an integrator of people and processes

One week ago I stood in front of a group of technology professionals and explained to them that improving one’s Emotional Intelligence could lead to many results.

These Bullets Appeared on One of My Presentation Slides 

  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Communication with Others
  • Better Empathy Skills
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Respect from Others
  • Managing Change More Confidently
  • Feeling Confident and Positive
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Learning from Mistakes
  • Better Career Prospects
  • Increased Personal Stock Value

Do you see the comparison between my presentation bullets and what my client has asked me to deliver? 



One week after my last group presentation, a global company comes to me asking me to identify, recruit and deliver the person I described to my technology professional audience.


Yes, I’ve just shared my opinion with you.  It is an opinion developed over 25 years of delivering talent to my clients. 


I’ve also shared the opinion of the General Counsel, the CEO and several other stakeholder leaders in a $2B highly successful global company.  They collaborated to determine what they want and need in a CISO and they're willing to pay a high reward to the right candidate.


What I’ve shared is precisely what my client is looking for in a CISO and its far more than a laundry list of technical skills and certifications.  While my client will reward IQ to a certain level.  They'll reward the combination of IQ and high EQ at an exceptionally high level.


I’ll share the full job description early next week.

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