Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Confidence Breeds Success!

A New Penalty Just For Me!

I’m wound up today so if you can’t handle wound up, you won’t want to read this blog.  Last night was a special night for me in that a new adult hockey league penalty was created just for me. You can’t shoot with a powerful slap shot in my novice adult hockey league so in my short 4 year adult hockey career, I’ve perfected a really hard snap shot. 

Ask my teammate who was out for several games a year ago when one of my shots hit him in the ankle as he positioned himself in front of our opponent’s net if my shot is hard or not.  I felt really bad about this by the way.

I learned in the middle of my game last night as I was escorted to the penalty box that my shot is now “too hard” for the novice league.  This was a rule created last night by one particular referee.  I sat out for my 2 minute bogus penalty.  When I returned to the ice, I scored 2 goals in one shift on wrist shots.  We won the game score of 7-0. I love hockey!

What does this have to do with security recruiting, resume writing, career coaching or anything else I do?  Everything!  When I take on coaching clients, I coach my clients to a posture where they’re ready to win.  If you want to win, I’d like to talk to you about how I can help you to win.

From a current security resume writing client:

Jeff, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. When you go through life you have a choice to be a “Victor” or a “Victim”.
When I came to you learn about what I needed to do to have a superior resume, your process, your notes and your direction set me up to be a victor. I was feeling down this weekend after my surgery.  When I was finally able to type, I spent many hours trying to put together my initial draft for my new resume. With your instructions I took serious ownership over my project and really put my heart and soul into this process.  Using your words, "Don't write a job description", says it all.
This process has given me strong inspiration to put together a great product and get to that next step in my career and be a victor. I don't think I would have this type of motivation and enthusiasm without your process, your direction, your coaching and your guidance.
Thank you
Vice President, Security Operations 
From a VP of Sales in a Security Software Company:

“Thanks for the career coaching today.  This was honestly one of the best 90 minutes I’ve invested in my life”

From a recent CISO who engaged my 1 hour resume writing coaching service:

“Jeff’s resume coaching service was the best $259.00 I’ve spent in a long time”

From a Security Engineer who engaged in my 1 hour resume writing coaching service:

“Between the sample resume and the 1-hour coaching session, writing my resume was incredibly easy and I’m extremely happy with the results”

From a Global Chief Information Security Officer:

“As always, it was great to speak with you and to get your expert advice yesterday”
From a Director of Information Security

“Jeff’s coaching clarified my viewpoint and allowed me to objectively make what seemed an insurmountable decision.  Without his help, I doubt I would have found the needed closure”

What’s The Point?

We’re all gifted in different ways.  I’ve invested significant time, energy and money to figure out exactly how I’m wired and to determine precisely what I have the potential to be great at.

Coaching others to success is what I was built to do.

Who Have I Coached?

First of all, I’ve coached and I’m coaching your competition.  Your competition includes professionals in IT, Information Security, Corporate Security, Law Enforcement, IT Risk Management, Global Compliance, Global Privacy and more. Your competition is learning how to win.

My coaching clients are people who are already good at what they do but they all have a burning desire to determine what they can be great at so they can align their traits and strengths with the work they choose to do.

They are professionals who want their personal marketing and branding to accurately communicate to the audiences they put their marketing material in front of.  

They're people who refuse to accept mediocrity.


I took on an adult hockey coach 4 years ago to teach me how to play hockey for the first time in my life as an adult.  Without my coach, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have the hardest shot in the league that is apparently so hard that it deserves a penalty.

My coach has pushed me to maximize my potential as an adult hockey player and for that effort I’ll be forever grateful.

I coach because I’m built to coach, I’m certified to coach and I’m passionate about coaching.

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