Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Personal Thank You is in Order

If you read my blog the other day, you know that I'll soon be sidelined for a while from a genetically driven open heart surgery.

Someone asked me why I would share such personal information in my blog.  I asked them why I shouldn't share such personal information in my blog?

I write my blog for real people and what I'm about to go through is just as real as anything else I write about.  Maybe someone out there who reads my blog can learn something from my experience.

One of my long-time LinkedIn connections whom I've never personally met or spoken to reached out to me as a result of my blog.  As it turns out, he had the same surgery I'm about to have 3 years ago.

I'm very thankful to David for taking time out of his day today to walk me through his personal heart surgery experience.  David was very helpful to me in terms of filling in information gaps. There were many things I thought I knew about my post-surgery recovery that David cleared up for me. 

I can't say that everything David shared with me was pleasant to hear but I'd rather know than to assume.  I've been asked over time why I have so many connections on LinkedIn.  Well, I never thought of this reason before but I pretty much have an endless resource when I need an expert opinion on anything.

There is no better expert opinion on my coming heart surgery than the opinion coming from someone who has already walked in my shoes.

Thank You David.

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