Friday, April 25, 2014

A Security Career Coach Client Shares His Personal Success Testimonial

I often suggest that our career coaching services lead to success for our coaching clients.  You don't have to take my word for it.  

One of my current coaching clients sent me this unsolicited testimonial and gave me permission to share it with you.  Our coaching is career focused but as you'll learn in this testimonial, our coaching has an impact on the personal lives of our clients.

Jeff, I wanted to share with you a success story regarding the Strengthsfinder / CoreClarity coaching you've walked me through and how it's been helpful in my personal life: I'm fairly active in my local church, and the parish leadership has some interesting quirks to it.  There's a committee that coordinates various elements of the liturgy (such as music, ushers, readers, and so on).  The pastor is supposed to have the primary role of planning the liturgy, and then implementation falls to the committee members.  However, the pastor often does not communicate his wishes clearly or sufficiently far ahead of time, and the committee members are not taking an active role in prompting him to provide the needed information, so there is often chaos at the last minute when nobody knows what's going on. I'm relatively new to this parish, but the pastor, seeing that I was an active member, asked me to step into a minor liturgy-related leadership role.  As I'm moving into this role, it's becoming apparent that someone needs to fill that gap between the pastor and the committee, and this could be a very natural extension of my role.  The more I think about it, it may well be that the pastor saw that something wasn't right, and thought I'd be a good person to figure it out and fix it.  Here's where Core Clarity comes in: I keep getting more excited about the possibilities with this role, and I realized over the weekend that it's because it aligns well with my strengths, while offering an opportunity to improve my weaker areas.
It's squarely in line with Strategic-Futuristic-Ideation, because I can see how things could work much better than they do now, and I can't help but come up with a strategy and specific ideas to get there.  Activator comes into play to help overcome some of current organizational inertia, and it's a new challenge for me that I want to succeed at, so Competition is there as well.  
However, I have almost zero positional power and am the most junior member in this group -- so the Connect and Mobilize quadrants (my weaker areas) will be key, and I'm looking forward to the chance to exercise and improve them. Anyhow, that's a long-winded way of saying that I'm finding that StrengthsFinder and CoreClarity are providing a very useful framework not just for my professional career, but for my personal life as well.  I find it very refreshing to have this additional clarity into how I tick, and it certainly helps me to make the most of my strengths while being aware of my weaker areas.  Thanks for walking me through the process!   

My Career Coaching Client

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