Friday, April 04, 2014

Beliefs of Great CISOs

By way of the work I do as a Career Coach and a Security Recruiter, I'm fortunate to get to know really smart people nearly every day of the week every week of the year.

One of my passions is finding ways to help my coaching clients achieve greater success.

In a conversation with someone I believe to be one of the nation's top CISOs, I recently heard these words.

"I can’t be the smartest guy in the room."

Only eight words but they're brilliant words.  

This CISO is showing Regard for Others, an emotional intelligence skill that allows a person to consider other people's points of view.  This CISO happens to be high in Regard for Others.  His level of success benefits greatly from having high awareness in this area.

Another CISO I'm working with as a coaching client shared something profound with me recently.  I've shared this before but it is worth sharing again.  After several years of seeing his career shift from success to frustration and after working through several months of coaching with me, this CISO shared these thoughts:

"Treat Issues Coldly
Treat People Warmly"

The CISO's words need no further interpretation.  He now understands why his career left the tracks and he's making attitude and behavioral adjustments to get his career back on track.  

 I love witnessing progress with my coaching clients!  My job is to ride shotgun with my clients as they succeed.  How cool is that?'s Security Recruiter Blog