Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Communication: Master Communication to Reach Peak Personal Performance

Don't Assume

We go through life assuming that everyone else sees the world the way we do.  We tend to think that everyone else communicates the way we prefer to receive communication.

We don’t all see the world the same way.  People you communicate with frequently prefer to be communicated with in a manner that is different than your preference.  Have you ever considered this?

Call Me!

For me for example, since my Inbox is always overflowing, I’d always prefer to speak with someone on the telephone as I am highly auditory and for me, this is how relationships are formed.  Email is fine for delivering a document but not for driving an entire business or personal relationship.

Sales Mistake

A sales person with whom I’ve recently done business was filling up my Inbox.  I politely asked her to call me when she needed my attention rather than sending another email.  She didn't listen. 

LinkedIn Communication

Someone I reached out to on LinkedIn through an InMail recently got back to me.  I sent the InMail two months ago and the search I was working on is now filled.  The prospective candidate wrote this in his response:
Hey Jeff, 
I do not check linked in much so if you have something you want me to see send it to my email address.

Now I know that this person prefers to receive email in their Inbox rather than an InMail in their LinkedIn account.  The problem here is that I don’t have his email address.  

As I visit LinkedIn accounts daily, I frequently see instructions from a LinkedIn account owner suggesting that someone who wants to communicate with them should send an email to their personal account or call them.  That would be fine if there were an email address available or a phone number to dial.

Building Relationships in a New Job

Let’s say you’re starting a new job and you want to build relationships quickly.  Here’s something to think about.  In addition to making the rounds to shake hands and to make introductions, why not ask one more question when you meet your new colleague for the first time and find out how they like to be communicated with? 

You Might Be Surprised

Some of your colleagues will prefer that you step into their office when you have something to say.  Some colleagues will prefer an email.  Others might prefer a text message.  Some might prefer a certain type of communication at a certain time in the day.

My Success With a CIO

Back in the 1990s I was working with an oil and gas company where I placed 42 people from the CIO on down.  Working with the CIO I placed, I made 22 IT placements over a two year period by talking to Cindy for an average of 10 minutes between 5 PM and 6 PM Central Time when Cindy was driving home from work.  

Every once in a while we’d have a longer conversation but for the most part, 22 placements came together by me knowing precisely when and how to communicate with Cindy. 

Harness the Power of Communication

Communication is a powerful thing.  When communication is mastered, outstanding communication can lead you to peak personal performance.

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