Tuesday, April 08, 2014

It's Heart Surgery Time....My Plans For Post-Surgery

The Time Has Come

Thanks to all of you for following my work.

Those of you who have been following my Security Recruiter Blog or those of you who are following SecurityRecruiter.com on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ may know that lousy genetics brought a near life ending heart attack to me in 2010 following my 75th hockey game of the year.

While fixing me from my heart attack, doctors discovered that I have other genetic heart issues. They told me that open heart surgery would be in my future.  They just didn't know when in my future this would happen.

I've been preparing for this event for 3.5 years by way of playing hockey 2-3 times per week year-round, by cycling, by skiing, by hiking and more.  I've done all I can do to show up for this event in the best shape possible.  

The last week of April, I’ll have an open heart surgery.  You won’t hear from me for a while but when I’m back on my feet, back to public speaking, back to hiking, biking, skating and playing hockey, you’ll hear from me in new ways.

My Frustration

I'm sharing this information with you to let you know that heart issues don't just come to overweight, out of shape people.  I've been looking for articles written by physically fit athletes who were struck with genetic heart issues like I have been.  

As I've been doing homework to prepare for my near-future event, I keep finding articles that seem to be written for sedentary, out-of-shape people.  I'm getting frustrated by reading these articles. 

When I'm on the other side of this event, I plan to write my own articles for the sake of anyone who has to face what I'm facing in their future.  In my case, I'm ready for the physical part of this event.  Over the past 4 years, I've skated in hundreds of hockey games.  I've hiked many miles and I've ridden bicycles for hundreds of miles.  

When ski season ends for me just a few days before I have heart surgery, I will have skied in excess of 300 miles which equates to having also skied in excess of 200,000 vertical feet for the season.

I share this information to tell you that genetic heart issues don't just come to sedentary, overweight people.  I'm not sedentary or overweight. I just received a lousy deck of cards.

Once I figure out how to squeeze value out of this lousy event for your sake, I'll share.

Video and Podcast Coming

Right now we're working to turn some of our services into video. We're building the foundation for a new Podcast.  I’ll share the name of the Podcast in a future message.  

For this Podcast, I intend to create a daily 3-5 minute format with an occasional 45 minute show in which I’ll interview highly successful subject matter experts.  My first 6 guests are already lined up and you'll enjoy the intelligence of the people I've reached out to.

The idea is to expose you to people who are maximizing their performance.  I'm fascinated by what propels some people to success and I hope you will be too. 

Here’s what came to me over the past few days from one of my job coaching security resume writing clients:
"Jeff, this is wow!..."
"You are a genius…"
"Jeff, I want to thank you...I am really confident that this resume will land me my next career role in Corporate Security.   I feel like I made a friend over the last two weeks.   You helped me in one of my darkest hours…"
I share this information with you because I want you to know that I practice what I preach. This is the work I'm currently doing with and for my clients right now and my team and I have significant plans to deliver more of the same in the future.

My team and I are here to help technology professionals learn how to maximize their personal potential in every way. I'll be down for a while but I'm not out and I'm not finished with my mission.

What is my mission?  Maximizing the Performance and Potential of my Coaching Clients
  • We provide Job Coaching Services and Career Coaching Services to help our clients discover what they were designed to be great at when they align their strengths with their work.
  • We help security professionals to understand the importance of strong emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) to go along with their generally high IQ.  Emotional intelligence can be measured, coached and improved upon. I'm trained and certified to deliver this type of coaching.
  • We train our clients to prepare for interviews so they approach their next interview with confidence and not trepidation.
  • We're great at helping our clients with personal branding and personal marketing through expert resume consultation and resume writing services, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, assistance with public speaking strategy and more.
Take Personal Action

Please let me know how I can help you to maximize your professional performance and your professional potential.

Other than playing more hockey with my Red team, continuing to ski with a bunch of friends, finding new trails to hike and ride with my buddy Gary and caring for my family; helping my coaching clients to succeed is what I’m looking forward to doing more of when I come back to life later this Spring with a repaired heart.

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