Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LinkedIn Profiles and Personal Branding

LinkedIn 2004

I built my initial LinkedIn account back in 2004.  To be specific, my LinkedIn account was among the first 800,000 users on LinkedIn.  Now the total LinkedIn account number exceeds 300 Million people globally. 

My LinkedIn representative told me a year or so ago that LinkedIn grows at the rate of 2 people per second around the globe.  I don’t know exactly what to do with that information but that’s an interesting data point. If you're in business and you haven't yet taken LinkedIn seriously enough to have adopted a LinkedIn strategy, maybe it is time that you should.  Opportunities of all sorts come together through the LinkedIn platform every day.  

To date, I've grown my LinkedIn network to nearly 29,000 direct connections through straightforward networking and relationship building.  My network could be larger than it currently is in a couple of hours but I've been applying a personal strategy to LinkedIn for many years.  That said, I'm not interested in connecting to just anyone.  In general, I’m saving my remaining connection slots primarily for security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals and have been for many years.

LinkedIn Experts

Over the years, I’ve seen an abundance of “LinkedIn Experts” come onto the scene.  I’m not sure what that means exactly but I’ve never labeled myself as a LinkedIn Expert even though I suspect I could.  A technology company in Denver paid me to teach its sales people how to leverage LinkedIn for business. Does this make me a "LinkedIn Expert"?  Business professionals pay me to help them understand how to build their LinkedIn presence in such a way that they get desired traffic views.  Does this make me a "LinkedIn Expert"?

The training day in Denver was a fun day for me and everyone in the room learned far more than I anticipated they could learn or they needed to learn in a few hours.

Maybe I am a “LinkedIn Expert” and I didn’t even know it.  When technology professionals come to me for LinkedIn training, I don’t try to teach them everything I know.  Nearly all of my LinkedIn clients are interested in knowing what a recruiter looks for when they search LinkedIn for talent.
It's about me giving my clients the value they want and need and nothing more or less.   

Keep It Simple and Clear, Improve Your LinkedIn Presence Today

I know a few things about this topic so I teach my clients how to build their LinkedIn profile so it will come up in the ways they desire for it come up in a recruiter’s search.  I take what I do as a recruiter and I turn it inside out to teach what I teach.  I skip much of the peripheral information I could share because too much information is just as bad as not enough information.

Much of what I've seen taught through LinkedIn seminars qualifies as too much information. The presenters find the point where value is being exchanged hands and they keep on going.

Lately I’ve been receiving LinkedIn invitations from people whose title line starts like this:

  • Nationally recognized Coaching and Consulting 
  • Nationally recognized Marketing/SEO Expert
  • Nationally recognized Business Communications Authority         
  • Internationally Recognized High ROI Marketing 
  • Nationally recognized in Website Design, Social Media Management and SEO
  • Internationally Recognized High Performance Authority
  • Nationally Recognized "Biz Dev" Marketer
  • Nationally Recognized Media Authority
  • Internationally Recognised SME Marketing Coach
  • Nationally Recognized Media Citation Coach


Who is out there teaching this approach to attracting LinkedIn connections?  I don’t teach my resume clients gimmicky tricks.  I don't teach my LinkedIn clients gimmicky tricks either.

I teach my clients how to effectively communicate to their audience on LinkedIn just like I teach them to communicate ways that will make sense to the audience when they build and send a resume. It's about clean, clear and logical rather than gimmicky.

I don't know about you but I want to connect to real people who are great at something.  I'll decide if they are nationally or internationally recognized as I get to know them.

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