Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Open Heart Surgery Update

Open Heart Surgery Update

Thank You

First, thank you to all of you who have reached out to offer your support to me during this challenging life experience.  I had to go through open heart surgery to repair a genetic issue with my heart.  Genetic means that I got bad deck of cards. I didn’t do anything to cause my genetic issue and I didn’t do anything to make things worse.

Heart Surgeon News

After a visit to the heart surgeon’s office last week, 12 days after my open heart surgery I’m declaring this a success.  Don’t misunderstand, it still takes 6-8 weeks for a broken bone to heal and I have what is essentially a broken bone in my chest.  Provided that I keep doing what I’m doing and I don’t get ahead of the program by doing something that could disrupt the sternum’s healing, I couldn't have received a better report from the doctor.

Dallas Speaking Engagement

I even got permission to go to a speaking engagement in Dallas the first week of June.  The slot is still open and I'm in.  I get to talk to Dallas CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and other "C" suite leaders about the role of a Security Leader.  

I just have to pretend that the overhead bin on the airplane doesn’t exist and I have to get help with a bag that I’ll have to check in order to keep my hands off of it. 

My hunch is that the audience I’ll have in Dallas if all goes well won’t mind if I have to sit on a stool rather than standing behind a podium if I make this trip with a sternum that still isn't fully healed.

Fitness...Nothing New

I’ve concentrated on fitness my entire life.  For the past 3.5 years, I’ve concentrated on fitness for the sake of this “future” heart surgery.  If anyone is willing to learn from my experience, my advice to you would be to do what it takes to achieve and maintain cardiovascular, leg and core strength. 

For the most part, if you have a surgery of most kinds, you’ll be expected to stand up and walk at the hospital.  This was the case for me the day of my open heart surgery.  Because of the fitness I brought to the surgery, I could walk right away and I haven’t stopped to look back yet. 

Lets Move Forward

Now I’ll leave all of you alone.  I have a CISO role to fill, and various job coaching and career coaching clients to help to move their careers forward.  I’m also working on new products with the intention of bringing solutions that I’ve already proven in the marketplace to more technology professionals.

I have work to do  and I have to do what it takes to get my body back on the ice rink to play hockey to help my Red Team and  I have to get my bike back on the trail with biking buddies.'s Security Recruiter Blog