Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where Do Blogs Come From?

Answer:  The Experiences of Life

Generally, I write about security, risk, compliance and privacy career related topics.  I’ll get back to that shortly but for the time being, I’m doing what I’ve been instructed to do and I’m investing most of my time into personal healing following open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Things are going very well from all accounts so I have to keep doing more of what I’ve been doing.

My hockey team isn’t winning so I can’t get back to my team soon enough!  It’s still a few months away but I’m working through this process with attainable goals along the way.

Facebook News

Around 2PM yesterday, I shared with my friends and family on Facebook that a representative from the Oxygen company had just visited.  I live at 8,500’ in the Colorado Rockies so the air up here literally has less oxygen in it than the air at sea level.  I think it is 25% less oxygen or something like that.

When I returned home from the hospital, I was soon greeted by a nice guy who wheeled in a variety of machines, tanks and hoses.  It wasn’t enjoyable but apparently it was necessary to have extra help with oxygen in order for my body to return to normal.

Yesterday, the oxygen company guy came and left.  I’m now free of oxygen and that means that my body is healing.  Little bits of measurable progress are all I can look for in this recovery process and progress like this is worthy of excitement. 

Soon after updating my Facebook friends, a recent Security Resume Writing Consulting Client sent an email that read like this:

How did the operation go?  Recovery?  I hope well.  I just had a friend, late 30’s, die suddenly over the weekend from an Aortic Aneurysm, so heart related things hit close to home.

My Personal Experience

I had an aortic aneurysm that was discovered, monitored and is now fixed.  The heart surgeon decided a few weeks back that it was time to address my genetic heart issue rather than allowing me to continue to live with the risk that my aneurysm splitting open and me bleeding to death. My client's friend who was mentioned above wasn't fortunate enough for his aneurysm to have been discovered before he died. 

Will I ever stop sharing about my personal experience?  Probably not.  We all have experiences in life that we can’t explain.  We can’t always explain the “Why” behind the what but we can learn from our experiences and we can share what we’ve learned in various ways with others if we’re willing. I’m willing!

Not My Fault

I’ve been an athlete my entire life.  I’ve always been and will continue to keep my body in good shape.  I played hockey and/or skated at least 3 times the week before my open heart surgery and I'm working through rehab in order to return to the ice again.

Why did this burden come to me? 

This question will never be answered with an answer that will make me satisfied.  As hard as it was, I stopped asking the question the night before my surgery and submitted to the fact that the only option to add potential longevity to my life for my wife, my girls, my friends and those I’m fortunate to meet along the way in business was to go through with the surgery.


The morning of my surgery, the guy who was shaving my chest and my legs to get me prepared for surgery told me about a patient he recently had who laid in the same hospital bed I was in for 4 days.  Every morning, the shaving guy came in to get this gentleman ready for surgery and so much fear took over that the patient chose to move his surgery date until the surgeon finally took the individual off the list and sent him home.

I didn’t like any of what I had to experience but I never experienced fear.  It was my time and I accepted that. What bothered me more than the surgery itself and rightly so was the recovery after the surgery, the period I'm currently experiencing.  Not that I my recovery would be any easier but I couldn't find enough information to help me fully understand the challenges I would face during recovery.  This is tough stuff.

Moving Forward

The pain I've endured the past 2.5 weeks has given me a new understanding of what pain is.  I still don't get the answer to the "why" question and I likely won't ever fully understand the "why" question.   

I'm now trying to focus on how my experience can help me to help my coaching clients in the present and the future.

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