Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The right resume can land you the right job…Really?

“The right resume can land you the right job”

This was the subject line of an email that recently dropped into my Inbox.  The sender was trying to sell me resume building software. 

While this marketing might sound good, it is 100% wrong.


A while back, I helped a $200K security professional to build a door-opening resume.  His resume truly did open doors.  In fact, one of his interviews was with a Big 4 firm for a $200K+ position.  The resume we built opened the door just as it was designed to do.

When I spoke to the resume owner, he told me the interviewer at the Big 4 firm told him that his resume talked too much about business results and not enough about bits and bytes.  He said this to me as if this were a problem.

I asked the resume owner how he got the interview.  He told me that his new resume opened the door for the interview.  I explained to him that the only job of a resume is to act as one’s personal marketing tool.  If the resume opened an interview door as it was designed to do, the resume did its job.

It was the resume owner’s job to actually “land” the job. Resumes don’t land jobs.  People land jobs after their resume opens the interview door.

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