Tuesday, July 01, 2014

August CISO Forum Las Vegas 2014...I look forward to meeting you!

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I've been invited to speak to the CISO Forum of ISSA on August 5, 2014 at the Paris Hilton in Las Vegas, NV.  Find information on the August CISO Forum.

This is what the CISO Forum promises to offer:
Theme: Application Security - Threats, Challenges and ApproachesDate: August 4, 2014Location: Las Vegas, NV

Applications provide the window to your organization’s most important asset: information. Recent reports suggest application security is one of the most common root causes of information security breaches. Are you aware of the most serious threats? Does your team have the tools and training to include appropriate security measures? In this forum, industry experts will help you reduce application risk by understanding not only the current threats and vulnerabilities landscape, but also risks associated with emerging technologies like embedded apps. In addition, you’ll have the chance to contribute your own expertise and learn from your colleagues through active round table discussions. Finally, you’ll gain insight into what business executives expect from security leaders in the current business environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange expertise and network with your peers at this upcoming CISO Forum. 
 For my contribution, this is what I'll be sharing with the CISOs in attendance:
Jeff Snyder - President, SecurityRecruiter.com
A 360 Degree View of Security Leadership
The CISO role has evolved from simply being the smartest person in the room to becoming a full-fledged member of the executive team, and the expectations for the role have evolved, as well. Jeff has talked with and listened to business leaders and industry experts, and knows what the business expects from a security leader and what the security leader’s peers and subordinates have suggested they expect in a leader they’re willing to follow. Based on significant research, Jeff will share what makes a well-rounded leader desirable to follow, to collaborate with and to take seriously at the “C” suite level.
If you plan to be in attendance at this event, please let me know so we can arrange to meet personally.

Jeff Snyder, Security Career Coach, Security Recruiter Blog, 719.686.8810

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