Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Resume Writing Interview Door Opening Success!

It's a rare day in Colorado where I live when the sun doesn't shine.  Today is one of those days. I woke up this morning wondering how I'd get through this cloudy day.  Yes, I know, I'm spoiled by sunshine!

I got to my desk and checked my Inbox.  There it was. A note from a 1 Hour Resume Coaching client I served within the last month.

My Resume Coaching Client Shared:
"I want to thank you for your help with the resume!  It's been working well and I've been getting some great interviews! I had an interview for a CISO position last week and another for a Director of Information Security position.  I've gotten positive reviews from both and have a second round of interviews coming up this week. These are great next steps for my career so I want to say thanks for helping me to market myself."
I'm Excited And I Can't Keep It To Myself

When this kind of testimonial comes my way, it's like putting nitroglycerin in my gas tank.  I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is for me to get to ride shotgun with the variety of coaching clients I serve. Other than putting pucks in the net in a hockey game or skiing knee deep powder, there is nothing more exciting for this thrill seeking adrenaline junkie than to see my coaching clients succeed.

Yes, I do get paid for sharing my time-tested and proven expertise around personal branding and marketing with my clients.  This client isn't complaining about the $259.00 he invested in his personal development a month or so ago.  

He's a Winner and his Confidence is Rising

My client has opened interview doors with his new resume.  His resume by the way was built to speak effectively to the resume owner's audience.  It's working just like I told him it would and he trusted me.  

Not only is my client getting interviews.  His confidence is rising.  This is a good day for the coach and the client. 

I declare this rare cloudy, rainy day in Colorado to be a winner day!

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