Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Security Job Coach Resume Writing Client Succeeds!

The Challenge

A Director of Corporate Security came to me with a resume that looked like nearly every other resume that has landed in my Inbox for the past 25+ year.  It wasn't a bad resume but it wasn't a winning resume either.  It was an average resume.

  • This resume failed to capture my attention in a matter of seconds.
  • This resume was too long to satisfy the attention span of a data overwhelmed executive
  • This resume had too much text with very little white space.
  • This resume presented formatting issues that would very likely have not worked well with applicant tracking systems
  • This resume was loaded with acronyms and abbreviations
  • As the resume reader, I had to work too hard to determine what the resume owner was great at and where he professionally excelled.


My client knew he had a problem.  He just didn’t know exactly what the problem was with his resume and he didn’t know how to fix the problem. 

What my client did not know is far less important than what he did know.  He knew that he didn’t want to run in the middle of the pack.  He knew that he only had one chance to make a first impression and for that reason, he turned to me to help him with his personal marketing, packaging and branding.

Resume Writing Door-Opening Results

“I have made it through a couple of levels of screening for the VP – Corporate Security for a Fortune 100 company.  I am in conversations with a global crisis management company for a Director – Crisis Management role and another large company for a Regional Security Manager role for North America.  I remain in your debt for your resume services and unwavering support.”
Can you imagine how much confidence this Corporate Security Director has had knowing that the resume that opened career doors for him has also set the stage for every interview he has experienced?

I Want To Help You...My Resume Coaching Clients Win!

You have one opportunity to make a first impression with your resume.  Is the first impression you’re making with your current resume opening interview doors or do you frequently find yourself standing on the outside looking in?

This Corporate Security Director knew he had a challenge.  He also knew that the answer to his challenge was outside of his expertise.  He met me in the middle.  He brought the career path and expertise as a corporate security and risk management professional.

I brought 25+ years of executive search experience combined with the resume methodology I developed over the past 25 years designed to communicate clearly to the resume’s audience. I brought expertise of knowing what the business wants, needs and expects from a security professional.  This expertise was reflected in my client's resume.   The result of this effort is that 
just like this Director of Corporate Security, my resume coaching clients around the globe are getting interviews for exciting career growth opportunities.

How may I help you to succeed?

To learn more about my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service, please visit www.securityjobcoach.com.  I'm taking appointments for the week of August 18-22.

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